Shameless self indulgence

Mushmind Fridays

Like a spoon through a jar of baby banana food, so go the days of our lives.

The Monkey spent most of the day chained to his desk and his typewriter, trying to make it through to 5 p.m. without having his brain go compleletly to mush.

However unlikely it may have been, the Monkey harbored some hope that he might be let go early seeing that he had worked late one night last week. But no such luck.

And now it is nearly 7 p.m., and his brain does not work. He would like to write numerous posts with clever observations about the world and our role in it. He would like to opine on the latest issues of the day, with a distinctive satirical twist. He would like to make wry observations about the ways in which our obsession with pop culture reflects on the shallowness on our own lives.

But he will instead stare blankly at the screen and hope for inspiration to arrive.


The National knock it out of the park

The National, on Letterman, performing Fake Empire. This is from about one to two years ago, during the Bush administration. The Monkey gives extra golden bananas to Letterman for letting these performances be posted on YouTube.

But back to the song.

Is it

  1. A requiem for a lost dream?
  2. An elegy for American innocence?
  3. Simply a good band doing a good song that requires no pretentious description?
  4. Probably # 3.
  5. Stop reading this dumb list and press play already.
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Count To Ten By Movies

So the Monkey was listening to the last episode of a now seemingly defunct podcast called All About Movies. It seems sad that the show has now gone defunct, as it offered an original take on the movie genre.

In the last show, the two hosts talked about the original Pink Panther movie series, the history of the Western movie genre, and did a tongue-in-cheek summation of the stereotypical “underdogs beat snooty overachievers” sports movie.

Luckily there is an archive of episodes for the Monkey to explore, but apparently nothing new after 2007. There’s no web link that I can find. but you can search for it on iTunes.

This episode also had a fun quiz where the goal is to count as high as you can go using movie titles with numbers in the name, no sequels.

Here is my quick one through 10:

  1. Once
  2. Two Days in the Valley
  3. The Third Man
  4. Four Rooms
  5. Five Easy Pieces
  6. Six Days, Seven Nights
  7. Seven Years in Tibet
  8. Hard Eight
  9. The Ninth Gate
  10. Ten (Blake Edwards movie with Bo Derek)
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It doesn’t take an ace detective to see the Watson Twins are good

Quite Possibly the Greatest Cover Song in the History of Songs, Covers, or History.

OK, maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration. But I am a big fan of the Watson Twins and their version of the Cure’s Just Like Heaven. It’s well worth a viewing.

The Monkey recently heard the Watson Twins on an old KEXP live performances podcast the other day and was impressed by how talented and down to earth they are. Good stuff. P.S. That KEXP performance does not include this song.


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Heaven Season One, Chapter 2

Just a quick update on Mur Laffery’s online book, Heaven, that the Monkey started a few weeks back. The Monkey had a chance to listen to the second chapter recently.

Once again, the Monkey found himself enjoying the work, if more for the philosophical questions that were raised than the plotting itself. (Without giving away any spoilers, it appears that the  plotting may pick up after this chapter).

But within the content of this chapter, Laffery continues to raise some interesting points.

  • What is the true nature of happiness?
  • How can we measure our happiness in relation to that of other people’s?
  • What would happen to us if suddenly we got everything we could ever hope for?

Heady questions, for sure, and clumsily phrased here by your Monkey narrator. But they are thought-provoking ideas that are worth exploring. The Monkey is interested to see how it plays out in Chapter 3.


Craigslist is a miserable waste of time

Unless, of course, you’re looking for a secondhand coffee table. Then it is perfectly fine.

But if you are looking for a job, it is a total waste.  Has anyone actually ever gotten a legitimate job off of there?

The monkey has hardly ever even recieved an acknoweldgement letter from anyone, let alone a response, an interview, or even a follow up phone call. Not that the monkey should have people falling all over themeselves to hire him, but at some point there should have been one match by now

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The Columbian Connection

After an extensive period of trail and error, the Monkey has determined that Colombian coffee can no longer be a viable option. After a small cup of it this morning, the Monkey once again got the shakes and the chills and the sweats, and began seeing into the fourth dimension.

A trip to the hardware store and the supermarket almost ended in near collapse. When you start to sweat from odd places like the middle of your legs, you know its only a matter of time before you’re going down.

Columbian coffee + no food + grumpy monkey= the hallucinogenic fits