The Friday Fidgits

After a week of relative mental balance, Friday posed a significant challenge for the Monkey. His monkey mind was too restless to concentrate for long periods of time, which made it difficult to be a productive copy monkey. But though the monkey dreamed of leaving his desk and escaping out into the world, he could not think of alternative pursuit that could calm his roiled monkey brain.

In podcast news, the Monkey did manage to find another excellent edition of Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History. This episode chronicled Carlin’s appreciation for author Eve Ball, whose writings about  the struggles of the Apache Indians gave Carlin a much better understanding of this tribe.

Carlin refers to Apaches as the “tigers of men” and notes how well adapted they were to live an extreme lifestyle in extreme environmental conditions.

The Apache wars with both the Mexicans and the Americans are legendary in their ferociousness, and the tribe’s eventual detention in a Florida POW camp seems to be a sad epitah for their culture. It’s an interesting, complex story with a lot of gray areas, and definately worth a listen.

Here is a link to the podcast:


Here is a link to further reading:


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