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Heaven Season One, Chapter 2

Just a quick update on Mur Laffery’s online book, Heaven, that the Monkey started a few weeks back. The Monkey had a chance to listen to the second chapter recently.

Once again, the Monkey found himself enjoying the work, if more for the philosophical questions that were raised than the plotting itself. (Without giving away any spoilers, it appears that the  plotting may pick up after this chapter).

But within the content of this chapter, Laffery continues to raise some interesting points.

  • What is the true nature of happiness?
  • How can we measure our happiness in relation to that of other people’s?
  • What would happen to us if suddenly we got everything we could ever hope for?

Heady questions, for sure, and clumsily phrased here by your Monkey narrator. But they are thought-provoking ideas that are worth exploring. The Monkey is interested to see how it plays out in Chapter 3.

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