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Job Hunting is A Stone Cold Downer

The Monkey is looking, my friends. He is out there. He has an updated resume, and a personal website, and he is always open to networking opportunities and chances to advance his personal growth.

But the jobs just don’t seem to be out there. At least not the right fit for a frustrated not-so-young Monkey who doesn’t want a dull corporate job but can’t afford to throw caution to the wind and work for $22K at a newspaper, either.

Won’t some heroic company come swooping down out of the sky and bestow the Monkey with meaningful work at rewarding pay so that he can hold his Monkey head high at night?

Aren’t we supposed to be Americans? Aren’t we born with a god-given right to happiness? Aren’t we supposed to be rewarded at every turn? Shouldn’t there be people beating down our doors in the middle of the night to tell us how special we are?

What a bummer.

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