Shameless self indulgence

The Mystery of the Missing Band-aids

Is there anything more disconcerting than to realize that a band aid you were wearing has suddenly disappeared without a trace? Especially if you are not sure how long it has been gone for?

As a confirmed germ phobic, your Monkey has strong sympathies for those who would be less than thrilled to discover an unidentified band-aid in an unexpected place.

To his chagrin, not one but two band-aids suddenly and mysteriously disappeared this week. This led to much consternation at chimpanzee station.

Missing band-aids are like little time bombs.

Sooner or later, someone is going to find them in an inappropriate place and be understandably horrified.

Since the Monkey only lives with one other person, he was worried that the accusing finger would be immediately and rightly pointed at him.

But O miracles of miracles! While turning the water off in the shower the other day, the Monkey looked down and found both missing band aids in the drain. He laughed and clapped his hands and shook with glee.

Then he wrapped his hand carefully in paper towels and pulled them out with the steely nerves of a surgeon. Crisis averted.

At least until the next paper cut.

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