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Bell X1 writes the next great Talking Heads song

Your Monkey protagonist listens to a lot of podcasts over the course of his workday, and his patience can be tried from time to time. Not everything he hears strikes a chord with him, but there is so much time to kill every day, and so many podcasts out there, that he often has to kiss a few frogs before finding a Monkey Princess.

That princess, so to speak, came in the form of a new song by Bell X1 called “The Great Defector”, which was featured on the Minnesota Public Radio podcast “The Current Song of the Day”.  Check out that feed here.

Sounds a lot, a lot like the Talking Heads, but the David Byrne-style of music is working for those of us in Monkey copywriting right now.

Check out these videos for the Great Defector and Byrne’s new “Strange Overtones” collaboration with Brian Eno.

The first is a live performance and the second is (I believe) an independent video artist’s interpretation of the song, and not the official video. The imagery seems a little harsh for such a danceable song, but hey, I’m just a typewriting Monkey.

What do I know?

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