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Egad! A message in the inbox

The new message indicator flashed and a bolt of nervous energy shot through his chest like an arrow!


One of the job hunting emails he sent out yesterday had generated a response.

He looked at the message glimmering there in his gmail inbox and didn’t quite know what to think. Not enough of the text was showing for him to know whether it was a positive or negative response.  A “sure, we’d love to have you in,” or a “are you serious?”

Of course, there was one way to solve this dilemma. He could just open it up and see what it said. But not yet. Not now. Not at 10 a.m. on a Monday, when he still had the whole week in front of him. Let’s wait a little bit and see what develops. At least for the moment we have the possibility of a positive response.

So he went back about his business, thinking that he had done the right thing to wait and should just be happy that he had received some kind of response, not the endless silence that he took to be silent condemnation.

But the thud-thud-thudding of his heart in his chest started him thinking otherwise. Why did they have to respond so quickly? If there was no message in his inbox than he wouldn’t have to think about it and wonder about it. He wouldn’t have to worry about whether it was yet another rejection. A thanks but no thanks.

At least if he hadn’t heard anything back than he could allow himself to hope that the possibility of getting the job was still out there. Now the answer was there waiting for him, contained in the neat black type of the email he was afraid to open.

But still he waited. No news is better than bad news.

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