Back from Vacation Update

Your erstwhile grumpy monkey narrator has been away on vacation for the past week and has not had much time for blogging. Thanks so much for all your concerned emails, letters and personal appeals for more posts. (OK, there were none. Thanks for not caring).

Having returned to civilization, your Monkey was interested to see these new developments in the story about the horrific wrong-way car crash in New York earlier this month.

What at first seemed like an inexplicable decision by a well-respected woman to drive her car the wrong way on the Taconic Parkway and cause a crash that killed herself, her daughter, three of her nieces and three other men now seems a lot more explainable due to the fact that she was drunk at the time of the crash.

But as this excellent follow-up article in the New York Times reveals, there are still no easy answers in this tragedy. Did her family know she was an alcoholic? Was she able to hide it from them completely? What caused her to drink so much that day when she was responsible for so many lives?

Lots of questions remain.

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