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Lesser-Known Cousins of the Bluebird of Happiness

Sure, we all know that human beings used animals to represent certain emotions, political beliefs, economic attitudes and social themes. Doves are a symbol for peace, Democrats are donkeys and Republicans are elephants.

And who could forget that Bluebird of Happiness?

But speaking as he sometimes does for the rest of the animal kingdom, your Monkey would be remiss if he did not share his list of lesser recognized (but no less important) cousins of the aforementioned bluebird.

  • The Bear of Bad News
  • The Aardvark of Anti-Social Behavior
  • The Beaver of Bottomless Self Pity
  • The Cow of Catastrophic Thinking
  • The Egret of Regrets
  • The Rabbit of Repetitive Motion Disorders
  • The Ferret of Fetishism
  • The Llama of Lustful Intentions
  • The Goat of Gender Confusion
  • The Treefrog of Terminal Diseases
  • The Duck of Depression

Be on the lookout for these creatures! They are real and chances are one or more of them are lurking in your closet, bathroom or kitchen pantry right now.

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