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Lesser Known Relatives of the Sea Cucumber


Creative Commons photo by Kate Cooper

Sure, our old friend the sea cucumber might not look like much at first blush (see above photo for evidence of its underwhelming film presence), but it has been the evolutionary jumping off point for a number of aquatic-based vegetables and fruits that you might not know about.

Here are some of the sea cucumbers lesser-known relatives:

  • Tributary Turnips
  • River Radishes
  • Pond Peppers
  • Bay Beets
  • Great Lakes Grapes
  • Estuary Eggplants
  • Lagoon Legumes
  • Channel Carrots
  • Cove Cloves
  • Moat Oats
  • Puddle Peas
  • Ocean Onions
  • Sea Beans
  • Tide Pool Thyme

If you see any of these delicious underwater delicacies, dig in. Nearly all of them are safe for human consumption, and those that aren’t will kill you so quickly that you’ll never know what hit you. Happy harvesting!

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