Lesser Known Bands of the 1980s

Sure, everyone is familiar with the big musical stars of the 1980s.

Acts like Michael Jackson and Madonna and Cyndi Lauper ruled the charts, while other bands like Devo and Flock of Seagulls will forever have a place in popular culture.

But what about some of the lesser known bands of the 1980s? Don’t they deserve a little recognition, too?

In an effort to share the musical wealth, here are some of my favorite bands and artists from the 1980s that have gone unappreciated and largely ignored.

Hopefully, this list will be the first step towards bringing them back into the spotlight.

  • Empty House
  • Men at Rest
  • The Stop-Stops
  • A-Hem
  • Billy False Object of Worship
  • Peter Excetera
  • Echo and the Easter Bunnymen
  • Kenny Froggins
  • The Commodore 64s
  • Hall and Goats
  • Mrs. Mister
  • The Pointer Boys
  • The Pet Shop Sisters
  • 38 Regular
  • Orangarama
  • Corporate Culture Club
  • Day Ranger
  • An Incredibly Loud Peaceful Assembly
  • ZZ Bottoms
  • Sheena Weston
  • Ram Jelly
  • Huey Lewis and the Traffic
  • The Thompson Stepbrothers
  • Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Comes Back with Some Nice Souvenirs and a Few Good Stories