Born and raised in the jungle, your Monkey narrator lived a carefree life of swinging on vines and munching on bananas until he was captured by poachers and chained to typewriter in the basement of a dingy temporary agency.

During his captivity, your Monkey protagonist was forced to learn

a.) how to type
b.) how to type direct marketing copy at breakneck speed
c.) to stop caring about quality or creativity
d.) to think only of deadlines and deliverables

Your clockwork Monkey was then released into the public with only dim memories of his happy former life.

He now works in a nameless, faceless office park where his only responsibilities are to feed his insatiable typewriter with as much copy as his trembling monkey hands can muster up each day.

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  1. Wait a minute…you can’t log into your own blog and leave your own positive feedback. That’s shameless self promotion in its worst form.

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