The Adam Carolla Podcast Gets Legit

It is year #2 for the Adam Carolla podcast, and the word from the Aceman is that the show is going forward full steam for another year. That’s good news for all us working Monkeys who need something interesting to listen to during the day.

The Carolla podcast is also a good business model for the early part of the 21st century. The long and short of the story is this: Carolla gets laid off from his LA radio gig and decides to use his newfound spare time to start a daily podcast. The podcast catches fire, becomes a consistant top pick on the itunes site, and it has broadened his audience and brought him a whole new level of visibility.

Carolla can now start to make money to support the show by selling some limited advertising spots, making some content available for a premium, and taking the podcast on the road for paid events.

This Monkey does not mind listening to a few commercials to get a huge amount of content (at least an hour per day M-F) for free, and he does not mind spreading the word about the show, either. It is worth it.  

Plus, the Carolla network is going to start expanding with other shows that share the same sensibility. Frequent Carolla collaborator Kevin Hench and former NBA player John Salley are going to be hosting their own sports show. Andy Dick was a recent guest and is planning to bring his show to the network.

All in all, it’s encouraging to see that there’s room for someone to build a new entertainment platform from scratch and without charging people up front. Build the audience first, and the funding will come.

Here is a link to the show that explains in better detail what your Monkey tried to summarize above.

Here is an intro to today’s podcast.

P.S. This Money might have a crush on Teresa the News Girl.

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Darkened by the Blues, Lightened by Lightning Dust

Your Monkey has had a tough few weeks at work, my friends. His workload has increased, his department has been downsized, and his life has generally seemed pretty gray and dull.

So dull, in fact, that even the usual roundup of podcast suspects has left him feeling dull and dry. His computer is backed up with unlistened-to episodes of Radio Nowhere, Coverville, and the KEXP Music that Matters podcast.

His ipod is jammed full of Filmspotting episodes that he has not gotten around to yet. He is about a month behind schedule. Even the Adam Carolla podcast is about a week behind schedule.

But things will change.

Things have to change, don’t they?

Sooner or later your Monkey will regain some of his equilibrium and start to be able to enjoy conversations about movies and music and science and life again, right?

At some point work won’t seem so much like a dull gray dungeon. His writing career won’t seem like it has come to a grinding halt, and his mood will perk up again.

Someday, he will feel like posting here again. He will recover his slim and trim girlish writing figure and start writing about movies and music and psychedelic freak out jams.


But for today, here is one cool song for your consideration.

Lightning Dust is a side project of the Vancouver-based psyche band Black Mountain featuring BM singers Amber Webber and Joshua Wells.

The band has a softy, more folksy sound than one finds in the riffy space jams of Black Mountain. Webber is a talented singer, but sometimes goes a little too far in letting her voice vibrate.

Here is a song from their previous album. If you like it, most definitely download “Antonia Jane” from their new album.

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Random Thoughts Part II

It might be the insufferable heat and humidity here at Monkey central, but once again the inspiration just doesn’t seem to be coming. Therefore it’s time for yet another episode of random Monkey thoughts.

  1. The Adam Carolla podcast continues to deliver an amazing amount of free content each week. We’re talking an hour of solid programming each day, and apparently there is also a car-themed podcast that the guy is doing as well. Your Monkey is not a grease monkey and has no business with the car-themed podcast, but the regular podcast is really hitting the mark. Recently we’ve had good turns by Curb Your Enthusiasm Star Jeff Garlin and Rotten Tomatoes TV cohost Brett Erlich. Erlich in particular proves that you don’t have to be a name guest to make a good podcast. Click here for link to site.
  2. Everyone should read at least one article from the New York Times each day. Not because it is a pretentious thing to do, but because the Times is home to by far the best set of journalists anywhere. They have a marvelous talent for digging up interesting stories, finding unique angles to explore, and capturing the imagination without resorting to cheap sensationalism. Check out this piece that explores a series of bad omens leading up to a horrific car crash in Long Island over the weekend. It’s everything you want good journalism to be  (i.e. informative without being insensitive).
  3. It’s a wonder George Orwell wasn’t more of a pessimist. Listening to Dan Carlin outline the devastation that was caused during the war between Germany and Russia in World War II makes one realize that we are truly fortunate to live in a time and a place where copywriters pretending to be Monkeys can write long blog posts complaining about the unfairness of the world. We are so far removed from true suffering that it is all too easy to lose our perspective.  Check out Carlin’s Ghosts of the Ostfront series here, and then realize that Orwell started writing 1984 only a few years after this awful mess.
  4. Someone owes Iron and Wine an apology. A couple of days ago a certain Monkey may have praised the Great Lake Swimmers for doing mellow acoustic folk without being sleepy and dull. This same Monkey may have then suggested that Iron and Wine might be guilty of putting people to sleep with his “so soft you can barely hear it” mellow acoustic folk. But then Iron and Wine has to go and deliver a great new song called “Belated Promise Ring.”
  5. Your Monkey is usually against posting YouTube videos that are just one still shot of the album cover with the song playing underneath. Let’s face it, this practice is just one step below illegal file sharing. But since this song is available as a free download as part of the Current’s Song of the Day Podcast, a video is included here.

Rating the Cohosts of the Adam Carolla Podcasts

The Adam Carolla podcast has been up and running for a couple of months now, and it seems like the show has settled into a pretty good rhythm of regular co-hosts and special guests.

If you haven’t listened to the podcast yet, you really should check it out. Much like the Howard Stern show, it’s a good mix of everyday life and show business talk, with Carolla frequently riffing on topics related to sex, work, immigration, ticket-happy California police departments, and his generally miserable childhood.

Just about every show has at least one co-host. So far there have been a few standout acts, a couple of surprise winners, and one or two duds.

Standout Acts in the Regular Rotation:
These co-hosts have all been on more than once and have been solid performers every time.

Bill Simmons (ESPN’s the sports guy), Dave Dameshek (chatty ESPN radio host), Jimmy Kimmel (Carolla pal, former Man Show Co-host and current ABC talk show host), and Theresa and Bald Brian (former members of Carolla’s terrestrial radio show).

One Time All Stars:

These guys have only made one appearance thus far, but the shows were truly memorable. Brad Garrett (who knew the dour brother from Everyone Loves Raymond could be so bitterly funny about the network TV business?) and Harland Williams (the comedian of “Seven Minute Abs” fame was way out there with his comments but way funny at the same time).

Surprise Success Story Thus Far:
Jimmy Pardo of the “Never Not Funny” podcast. Pardo and Carolla got into a surprisingly candid conversation about being caught masturbating that was way funnier than one would have thought. (That is if one had listened to Pardo’s podcast before and didn’t find it all that funny).


Mike Tyson — Look, it’s a little unfair to think that Carolla would be able to wrangle the oddball Tyson into a coherent conversation, but since they are both into boxing there was some hope that they could at least talk shop about the sport. Instead it was weird and uncomfortable and ended too early.

Tom Bergeron — Too much Dancing With the Stars Talk.

Bobcat Goldthwait — Nothing against the guy, but it was a little uncomfortable to hear him protest over and over and over again about how he’s not bothered by people who only see him as the Bobcat character and not as a talented comedy director. If you’re a director and you’re confident about it, then there’s no need to protest too much.

Most Gleefuly Uncomfortable Interview:

Adam with Jack from Jack in the Box: There might be a funny comedian behind the voice of the fast food icon, but it was clear that the man didn’t want to do anything that would compromise his position with the company. Listening to Carolla make him uncomfortable by delving into sex topics was worth any product placement messages that might have filtered through with the podcast.

Overall, this is a great podcast that we are fortunate to be getting for free. Here’s a link to the podcast homepage. You can also find it on itunes.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

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Joe Rogan is one interesting interview

Who would have thought that the handyman from Newsradio and former host of Fear Factor would turn out to be a mind-expanding psychedelic guru? Not this Monkey.

Rogan was recently featured as a guest on the Adam Carolla podcast, where he talked  about his experiences tripping out in salt water isolation tanks, smoking maijuana and taking mushrooms, and generally leading a really unusal life.

The Monkey first heard Rogan interviewed about some of these same topics a few years back on the Opie and Anthony Radio Show, but it was interesting to hear him talk to Carolla, too.

In addition to his progressive (to say the least) views on drugs, Rogan is a big thinker who has lots of ideas about the state of civilization and how human beings and killer whales might have established an uneasy truce.

The Carolla podcast can be downloaded here. By the way, if you aren’t listening to Carolla’s podcast, you are missing out. He is putting out an hour-long show each day that is always interesting and usually pretty funny, too.

For those of us who can’t get Howard Stern at work thanks to cruel corporate overlords who block streaming audio, Carolla on the ipod is a pretty good substitute. Plus he is doing it for free (actually at his own expense) so you’ve got to respect that.

So here is some good Joe Rogan isolation talk to get you in the mood for a transcendental experience.